Dealer Mark Solutions Sales and Marketing Training will get your current and new sales team up to speed quickly with the latest and most innovative digital and conventional automotive techniques.

Our curriculum addresses a multitude of topics, focusing on all forms of sales, special finance and BDC.

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Business Development (BDC)

With DealerMark, you will receive customized action plans to either develop a BDC or propel an existing one into success. In order to maintain a successful BDC, you need a structured action plan that you follow on a daily basis. DealerMark is dedicated to creating a plan that is specifically for you, in order to make sure that you are successful. DealerMark is also dedicated to training you regularly to ensure that you are getting the most valuable information we can give you.

Appointment setters play a critical role as they act as the tip of the sword. These individuals are charged with making 120 outbound calls a day utilizing a script to generate internet sales leads and setting sales appointments. DealerMark will provide detailed instructions on the following:

  1. Input/maintain information captured during phone calls into a CRM software.
  2. Organize workflow to meet department timeframes.
  3. Keep track of daily calls, emails and appointments.
  4. Handle and resolve customer complaints.
  5. Direct requests and unresolved issues to management.
  6. Facilitate communication between internal departments.
  7. Quantify daily tasks into comprehensive recaps.

If you want to sell more cars, more often, and more profitably, DealerMark is the best choice for you!

Appointment Setting

Phone Sales

What you say to your prospective customer is important! Your prospect can’t see you while you’re on the phone, so they are only getting to know you through your voice and phone skills. With DealerMark, you will be given expertly designed word tracks that will teach you how to present yourself through phone calls. It is important for you to sound professional and educated while speaking with a prospective customer, and by practicing your scripts, you will be a phone master! In addition to successful scripts, DealerMark has over 70 objections and rebuttals! With DealerMark, you will never have to stumble over your words, question the strength of your answers, or struggle to find something to say. Start practicing with us today!

Showroom sales require a lot of goal planning. With DealerMark, you will learn advanced skills that provide you and your salespeople with the tools to be successful. DealerMark will teach you the 8 ways to sell an automobile, which have been proven to enhance showroom sales. You will be given a strategic plan in which you will use to calculate the amount of cars, and money you should be selling and making in one month. If you want to sell more cars, more often, and more profitably, DealerMark is the best choice for you!

Showroom Sales

CRM Data Mining

Data mining is the analysis of databases and the process of discovering patterns in large data sets. The goal of data minding is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. Through Dealer Synergy and CRM data mining, we will be able to analyze the relationship between your business and your customers. This includes how many prospects you have, how many people respond to you, or show interest in one of your products, your active customers, and your former customers. With these findings, you can then create ways to market your dealership, and work with customers to ensure that you sell more cars! Let Dealer Synergy help you gain more customers, and sell more cars, more often and more profitably.

Sales managers are the people responsible for leading and coaching a team of salespeople. A sales manager’s tasks often include assigning sales territories, setting quotas, mentoring the members of their sales team, assigning sales training, building a sales plan, and hiring and firing salespeople. In large companies, sales quotas and plans are typically established at the executive level and a manager’s main responsibility is to see to it that her salespeople meet those quotas. DealerMark has a curriculum specifically tailored to train and equip this critical role in your dealership.

Sales Managers

Special Finance

DealerMark will show you and your dealership the tactics and techniques you will need to utilize in order to better serve your special finance customers. Special Finance customers need a bit more attention, and thought in order to provide them with the best financing options. We want to make sure that your customers get the most out of your dealership. So let us evaluate a customized action plan filled with the proper techniques to ensure that you are giving your special finance customers exactly what they need and more!

Finance managers are charged with overseeing one of the most important profit centers in any dealership. These managers have responsibilities to both the dealership as well as to the customer. Having a thorough understanding of the following ensures ultimate success:

  1. Controlling the sale
  2. Generating profit
  3. Controlling the funds
  4. Complete the required paperwork
  5. Train and motivate
  6. Monitor performance

DealerMark will help find and screen potential candidates as well as provide the tools to effectively master the core elements of a Finance manager. If you want to sell more cars, more often, and more profitably, DealerMark is the best choice for you!

Finance Managers


The receptionist represents the public face of your dealership. This person is often the initial personality a customer sees or the first voice he hears over the phone. Because of this, it is important that the receptionist conducts themselves in a professional manner to give customers a good first impression. Certain qualities and skills can help make receptionists better at the job and portray the dealership in its best light.

The following list represents a few of the critical skills required to excel in this position

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Organizational Ability
  3. Technology Skills
  4. Dependability
  5. Good Listening Skills

DealerMark is equipped to screen, select and train this critical frontline employee.

We’ll Get Your Dealership On-Track In Four Easy Steps

1. ROI Assessment

We assess the performance of the returns from your department’s investments.

2. Structure Evaluation

We evaluate KEY areas of your department; People, Products, Process, Promotions.

3. SWOT Analysis

We utilize the SWOT matrix to evaluate the best approach for your dealerships strategy.

4. Action Plan

This process helps focus ideas & aid decision-making by providing & actionable next steps.

The fastest way to grow your dealership.

Streamline used car sales and marketing processes with proactive tools powered to manage leads, inventoroy, and customer experience.

“The team at DealerMark has been nothing but great for us. I highly recommend them to any business.”

- Ed Miers GM, Astro Motors

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